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Sea Moss is one of the most powerful substances for the human body on Earth not only internally, but also externally.

Natural Ascension‘s 4oz Healing Sea Moss Mask mask quickly tightens, deep cleans and invigorates the skin revealing Your best self using 3 Organic Power Substances. As the Sea Moss infiltrates the skin with its Healing 92 mineral complex it softens the exterior and replenishes moisture, then tightens & lifts combating wrinkles, pores and texture. The Activated Charcoal acts as a magnet for toxins, quickly eliminating them from Your skin’s surface. Rosemary seals the deal delivering needed antioxidants with it’s anti-bacterial, skin brightening, acne and eczema soothing power- to name just a few benefits from this powerful herbal extract.

8 reviews for Healing Sea Moss Mask

  1. Katrina Akers

    This is the best face mask I’ve used. I grew up using Cetaphil on my face and although it worked it left my skin fairly dry. But this face mask rejuvenates my skin and clears all pimples! I noticed a difference only after 2 uses! I love it!!

  2. Jasmine Wilson

    I just recently moved back to the city and my face has turned into a crunch bar. I used this face mask ONCE and the inflammation and hives on my face reduced tremendously. I am now on the third use and My complexion is Already back to normal. I’m so happy and can’t wait until more ppl experience this same joy as I am now.

  3. Sherri

    I love this mask!!😍 my skin feels tighter & rejuvenated after each use.

  4. Alisha

    I’m absolutely in love with this mask. The best I Ever had. I was blessed with a sample from a friend and after just one use I knew that this had to be apart of my weekly if not daily regiment. I will continue to buy and support this product. Looking forward for more natural products in the future!

  5. L

    I’ve used the mask recently and it works great! You can definitely feel it working when it tightens. It gave my face a nice little shine afterwards. adding this mask to my self care regimen.! And will be buying more products!

  6. Charity (verified owner)

    I suffer from inflammation due to my dermatitis. This face mask is a great detox for extremely dry skin that needs that exfoliating experience. The reason I love this mask already is because of the cooling sensation and the softness yo your face in aftermath ! I recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from extreme breakouts or eczema!

  7. Carl Atkinson (verified owner)

    This is a five star product. My granny and I love using this healing facial cream. It really works! Granny is looking younger and I’m feeling refreshed after each facial. We’re obsessed and patiently waiting for the restock. Thank you for creating this self healing natural 5 star product!

  8. Kendra Jones (verified owner)

    Best face mask and elixer I ever tried. It works instantly im truly addicted

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