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The food, beauty and health industries want to keep you dependent, misinformed and unhealthy.

I believe everything you need- you already have. With your permission, we’ll go beyond your ceilings and align with your goals. As an Herbalist & Plant-Based Coach, I provide safe, compassionate, accountability-based coaching that is tailored to your lifestyle and targets your goals through counseling, meditation, education and the use of herbal teas, juices, oils and plant-based foods.

All I require is that you are Honest and committed to your Growth.







Her services included way more than practicing a vegan lifestyle……she helped me to refocus on loving myself, nature, worth and appreciation for all things. I felt as though she was my therapist at times. A pure heart and energy that will brighten your day…..true life coach. I recommend her 1000%. -B. Braxton

Not only is she a health coach, she’s a life coach. She is highly innovative in this special field that is beneficial for everyone. It is wonderful to have her within arms reach. If you are not a buyer of her service she still enlightens those who are trying to get on track just by following her. If you do not have your eyes on this one, than you are missing out! -Jasmine.W.

Taylor is a Light that guides her clients to new heights and challenges them to become best versions of themselves. She is empathy led, growth-driven and has a heart for encouraging people that is felt in every session. -N.Tomi

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Supplemental Advising

Addresses specific concerns. Includes a tailored protocol involving herbs, vitamins, minerals, tinctures, supplements, and other plant based means in addition to a month’s supply of a custom herbal tea blend.

Nutritional Consulting & Meal Planning

Includes meal guiding and planning, tailored supplemental advising, and a month’s supply of a custom tea blend

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