About Us

Natural Ascension was created in 2020 in Washington, DC by Taylor Robinson. Taylor is a Plant-Based Holistic Coach & Herbalist assisting clients in improving their lives by incorporating more plants into their choices.

Taylor journey began in 2017 after losing her grandmother to lung cancer. She immediately converted to a vegan lifestyle & her piers began take notice of her improvements and plant-based recipes. She began Coaching clients and preparing herbal tea blends. Through exposure and training to herbs and plant-based foods, she has successfully treated eye infections, type 2 diabetes, memory, insomnia, hormonal-imbalances and more.

Taylor understands the natural role plants must have in our lives in order for us to thrive and encourages that narrative through Natural Ascension. Obsessed with “living among the living” she has launched products from her everyday life that encourage more life, aligning us closer to Nature and currently continues to test and expand the brand.

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