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Driven or Dragged?


This is Your Life. Take a look.

Where are You going and with Who?

Are You behind the wheel right now or throwing a fit in the back seat?. Lil bit of both? Cool.

What is it commanding each and every one of Your moves?

Drive comes from internal force. That engine sits inside and creates mini explosions propelling whoever and whatever wherever.

Drag comes from external force. When something has a hold on something else and produces more force in it’s own direction, it will drag the weaker force.

It’s one thing to have an engine.

It’s another thing to create them.

“Manage pride but I see it clear

Strategize, I’m an engineer” -Nipsey Hussle

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It will make us move almost instantaneously sometimes and other times create a glue under our asses.

Via”fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

Synonyms:contentment, gratification, pleasure, happiness, sense of well-being”

Naturally, We are very pleasure-seeking. Experience has dragged me into the inner-standing that if Your motivators and motivations are not positive extensions of Your Purpose You risk focus. And focus is time. And time is only now.

For example: I have been externally motivated by physical pleasures from the opposite sex, food and attention. While instinctual and/or habitual, unfortunately for them, they did not meet my Purpose’s criteria for healthy, beneficial habits towards Purposeful Living and they gone! But I bid them farewell- at every second. It doesn’t stop. You must remember to apply compassionate, managerial pressure over Your focus continuously.

I have engineered a Purposeful Focus that engages my entire being.

The suffering I created for mySelf by allowing Pleasure to drive did not resonate with the Power-Filled Woman I knew I needed to be.


Though, On some occasions we find ourselves addicted.

This is a Physical, Psychological attachment to something outside of ourselves – a parasitic relationship. This is You being dragged.



Until somehow Your mindset shifts.

The how is Personal And Hopefully You aren’t too fucked up but You will be here, and that alone gifts You the richness of choice. Choose to wear that experience wisely, not slave at the memory of it.

All pleasure You feel is Physical. It happens within Your brain as a series of chemical reactions. Your brain is taking in information from all of Your senses all day and processing these combinations of collections. It forms opinions, reactions, responses – involuntarily, instinctually, socially, emotionally- to everything You experience, whether subconsciously or consciously -for safety and pleasure.

You must feel safest and most pleased as YourSelf.

 Accepting Your role in the dragging of Your potential builds character. You are the Hero You wait for!

“I weighted risk and the reward and seen the scale tippin’

Let’s all get on one accord and take the world n*****…

Can’t buy that bullshit that they sell n*****

They breed drugheads and jail n*****” – Nipsey Hussle

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This is the gateway.

Approaching predicaments already satisfied is an available option. The satisfaction is not with the circumstances but instead with You -Your Peace. This is not to be encouraging nor embodying of indifference, nor detachment. Inner-Peace can still appear richly as vigor, energy and passion, rebelliousness and submission.

Volunteering  the most effective aspects of You wont feel laborious in the midst of “A Gratitude Attitude” -which basically vibes like :You are Fortunate every second in this life experience. The now is Your gift, You are no “What If”, You are NOW and there are no rules with what You may manifest.

“Real Big, Real Big

I knew one day I would do it real big

Real Shit, Real Shit

I know all my Real N***** feel this

Can’t even see the stars but we still wish

Real shit, Real shit

Who would’ve ever  thought that we would build this” – Nipsey Hussle

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Productively and simultaneously driving away from _____ (the bullshit)and toward _______(some real shit).

The dragging energy must suffocate. It must dissolve out of Your existence before You can begin harnessing energy for propelling.

Late for work, low on funds and it’s raining. What could the day possibly have in-store?

Numbness is always a dead giveaway that Your emotions- energy in motion- are dragging You. You have NOW.

Engineer a Power-Filling Perspective.

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Engines On.


The Marathon Continues.

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