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New Year or New Fears?

“Let every man’s hope be in Himself”



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I struggled in 2018.

Struggle: to make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

I quit/resigned/was fired from 4 different jobs in 2018. As I forced a dance with them – we struggled.

Bouncing from environment to environment in search of some comfort proved meaningless. Comfort had to come from within.

What is Your comfort dressed in?

Mine is dripping in Freedom. For me it is when I want for No Thing and No One and each breath is so sweet and effortless. In Joy all tasks sweeten to Purpose You’d honestly do for free.

So after accepting where I was, I began to work on it.

I showed up in each day, rain or shine believing and being grateful that who I was and what I had was more than enough.  I accepted 3 new offers, went back to school and started my own business.

Do You believe that Your design is Purposeful? I do.

Each struggle is for each breakthrough.


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Should You choose to entertain fear, You will always play the fool. You will compromise Your Life entertaining it. It will settle in Your Spirit and spill over into all You are and it will grow, entangling You over time. It is no cradle but a strangle of self.

You are an Energy of Experiences. Your understanding of these experiences dictates Your influence over Yourself and Your environment. Understand that it is not each experience itself that influences You but Your understanding of it as a tool for You.

Each experience is Perfect.

You are here to grow. There’s no choice available for You to make that won’t lead to Your growth, some will just feel more convenient than the others.

The trick is in discipline but You’ve got to be realistic and engaged.

We find ourselves longing for “newness” so often with no garuntee that whatever we order/manifest in the Universe will even be satisfying to us. The only real satisfaction in this dimension is self-made & sustained in Your own Self/growth, for what is new will inevitably become old and what is Yours has always been.

Change Your internal views to value and seek peace in it’s personal forms. Avoid accumulating externally what’s “new.”

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This Universe grows out of itself by growing into itself, over and over again.

Be true and look to Your Light when- not if- it gets dark.

You’re never alone!


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