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“Ice Cream Can’t give You Herpes”

“I have a lot of single women friends who’ve given up on men and turned to food.”

“Food and You” by Jean L. Fourcroy is Hip.

Turning to food doesn’t solve your problems.

It creates more.

It adds to your weight and the work. By avoiding the problem and enabling mental, physical, and emotional anticipation, you encourage an addiction.

Your brain is busy as hell and anything it can put on auto-pilot – it will.

In coaching we will map out your daily, weekly, hourly and emotional habits in order to  identify your triggers.

We’ll prepare for your triggers and eliminate ignoring -enabling- them.

Your problem is not the food. Your problem is the core of why you abuse food. It’s why you won’t control yourself.

If you know you snack on chips and chicken breast when you get home after a long day- throw it all away and bring no more into your home.

We aren’t managing symptoms and enabling counterproductive behavior.

We are expecting and preparing for symptoms while targeting the core problem.

The key phrase here is “when you get home after a long day.”

You gave all day and now you need to receive.

What’s going to satisfy your need of need- not your symptoms. What can you prepare to have waiting for yourself after a long day that satisfies receiving.

Make a huge glass of water and/ or herbal tea, stay out of the kitchen, have a bath, read, sleep, exercise, paint, ,rest, take a walk, write, dance ….I could go on.

I encourage you to enjoy yourself -not stay busy. Court YOU. Give yourself options with your personal touch.

Your options are limitless. Focus on those possibilities and not the kitchen.

Speak kindly and romantically to yourself.

“I’m proud of you babe. Get your sexy ass home, take your clothes off ….and relax. You deserve it, your ass is bad.”

Praise your decision to work towards better for your self consciously and consistently. Make this a habit and get specific.

“I love how you stayed away from those cookies today and they looked damn good. You didn’t need them though, they had no power over you. You run this. You’re a boss.”

You attract what you are.

It’s not that you can’t stay out of the kitchen, you simply won’t go in the kitchen.

You have set standards for yourself.

Respect yourself by doing difficult things for yourself.

Be what you need.


Do not look for someone to see you in order to see yourself.

They will walk off with you too.

Good thing it won’t be the real you though.

The realest you will attract the realest them.

The very thing you’re feeding, is the thing that needs to starve.

“Depend not on another, but lean instead on thyself… True happiness is born of self reliance.”  – The laws of Manu

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