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“Where Do I Start?”….Here.


Don’t You know You’ve already started.

You’re beautiful.

You must find comfort in Your phases, for they are Your nature.

Begin with breath. Notice how You take in air and release it effortlessly, over and over again.

You cannot create air and yet it is plentiful here, and Your body needs it more than anything else.

You have no control. You never did and yet you are provided for.

You have intention.

I dare you to intend to grow……by first finding appreciation for every single thing You have gone through.

Those roots don’t need to be exposed, simply cared for- Loved.


ginger on gray surface
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Beauty only exists amidst Ugly. Heaven only exists when there is Hell.

“Opposites” rely on each other in order to exist- otherwise everything would be of one frequency.

And yet frequencies are comprised of multiple components.

Life contradicts.

Master not any opinions or facts but instead the act of appreciation for contrast.

In appreciation there is value. Value your experiences to hereby value YourSelf.

We are attracted to contrast. This is risky and fulfilling.

Settle your mind.

Decide to control it.

You- just as all You see- are the chaos and the calm as well.

When one is present it is teasing you with the reality of the other.

Have both in mind so that You need neither.

See both with no preference and You achieve balance.

You release YourSelf from Expectations.

Peace of Mind.


“The mind is it’s own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.”  – John Milton


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